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Let’s talk skincare! This is something that I get asked about A LOT.  Let me start by saying, I am not a huge fan of direct sale businesses.  We all get annoyed by the constant FB/IG posts about the same stuff and the random messages from some girl you knew in middle school pretending like you are still BFFs and “just wanting to check in…oh, I forgot to mention I’m selling this new *insert gimmick here* that’s the best thing ever.” With that being said, I use Rodan + Fields, and it happens to be a direct sales business. I know, I know…. But I swear it REALLY is the best skincare line ever! Ha!

Anyway, after I had Lincoln I was in desperate need of something to help control my breakouts.  Having 3 kids in under 4 years AND I also had a miscarriage between Adalyn and Annie, so 4 pregnancies in 3.5 years… needless to say my hormones were all out of whack. I was exhausted and stressed (hello – 3 kids under 4) and my grocery store skin care that I had being using since 10th grade was no longer cutting it.  A friend of mine was selling Rodan + Fields and I figured that trying their Unblemish line was worth a shot.  It worked WONDERS. It cleared up my skin, and kept the breakouts in check despite the crazy hormones and stress.  After about a year of using it,  we were tight on money and trying to save so I took one for the team and went back to my grocery store, 10th grade skin care. Price wise, R+F is comparable to any department store skincare line, but definitely more expensive than good ole clean and clear.  As soon as we were able to loosen up our budget a little bit, R+F was the first thing I splurged on! 

R+F has 4 different lines of skincare that can accommodate all skin types/needs, plus a bunch of extras and add-ons. I use a combination of two of the lines – Unblemish and Redefine.  For my morning routine, I use the Unblemish face wash, toner and acne treatment then the Redefine AM cream (which is SPF 30, so my skin is protected). For my night time routine, I use the Redefine face wash and toner, then the Active Hydration Serum and finish it up with the Redefine PM cream.  For years I used the Unblemished line morning and night, but have added the Redefine and Active Hydration Serum for their anti-aging benefits.  The Active Hydration Serum – while a bit pricey – is quite possibly my favorite skincare/beauty product. A little bit goes a long way, so it lasts a while and it makes your skin sooo incredibly soft and smooth.

R+F also has a few “Enhancement” and “Dermacosmetic” products that I absolutely love too! Now we all know eyelash extensions are alllll the rage these days, but the R+F Lash Boost serum, in my opinion, makes lash extensions completely unnecessary. All you have to do is swipe it on top of your lash line every night before bed – kind of like you’d put on eyeliner. Within about 4 weeks you’ll have people asking how your longer, fuller lashes look so amazing! I also love their Mineral Peptides and Radiant Defense. For me, most days I just use concealer under my eyes and the Mineral Peptides as my powder.  On days that I’m getting a little more dressed up, I will throw on their Radiant Defense in place of a foundation. (I know, my makeup routine is super fancy.)

After buying and loving so many of their products and sending tons of people to my friend, Liberty, that I buy my R+F from, she convinced me to just create a consultant account for myself.  If you are interested in learning more about R+F and finding a skincare line that is right for you, they have a tool on the website that will help you and recommend which of their products are best for your skin type.  Their Preferred Customer program is a replinishment program that will save you a little $$, and your order can be changed each cycle or paused depending on your needs.  Feel free to comment below with any question you may have and I will do my best to answer! 

6 thoughts on “My Skincare Routine

  1. Nidia

    Hey! I am SO excited that you have decided to blog! I knew it was coming, and I am thrilled for that!
    Have you tried the lash boost on you? I want to try it, but haven’t pulled the trigger.
    Love you, Mere!

  2. michellery

    1. super excited about you having a blog. you’re the best part of the ranch!!
    2. about how long does a bottle of the product last? Like if i got the entire regimen… a month? i just worry about having to shell out $175/mo

    1. merecarriker

      Thank you!!

      They say it is a 60 day supply, but it always lasts a little longer for me. I also hardly ever run out of things at the same time, so one month I may have to buy new wash and the next month toner. It all gets kind of spaced out!

  3. Lance

    Hey Mere! This post is super informative for a guy, similar to Matt a bit probably haha, that knows very little about skin care. I have a few questions. My fiancee is moving here from Australia sometime next year and I am wondering about getting her some sort of regiment to acclimate to the Tennessee environment.
    1. Do the products work well for oily skin?
    2. Are they vegan friendly? i.e. no animal testing, paraben free, etc.

  4. Katie

    Hi Mere! I’m strongly considering purchasing a regimen as I’ve neglected my skincare for so long and now that I’ve had my first child a couple months ago my face seems to be out of control. I was wondering how scented these products are? My husband is super sensitive to scents. Thanks for sharing your routine!

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