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Ok guys, let’s talk nails! Personally, I have tried a few different things and ultimately, the dip powder is my favorite. It is strong and lasts so well without damaging your nails in the way that acrylic does. Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good salon day and need a good fresh professional manicure every now and then…but life gets busy and sometimes it’s just not possible. SOOO I decided to buy a dip kit and start doing my own in between getting to the nail salon. I found a full kit on Amazon that includes everything you need for beautifully dipped nails at home! I was happily surprised that it is really not hard at all and so convenient! And another major perk- saving money!!

This set comes complete with nail prep polish, base gel/top coat, activator polish, a nail file and buffing block, and SIX colors to choose from!

If you have never gotten your nails dipped, it can seem a bit intimidating, but let me assure you, its just a few simple steps! You will start by buffing out your clean, dry nails. Then apply the nail prep polish on all nails (this is to make sure the is no excess oil on your nails before starting the dipping process).

Then it is time to start dipping! One by one, you will apply the base gel and then dip your nail into the dip powder jar and tap off the excess powder. For this white, I repeated those steps for a total of 3 coats. I like it to be opaque, but not too thick. Make sure to dip at a 45 degree angle (better view below) to ensure you get a smooth and even dip! Tilt the jar up if you need to.

After you have finished the dipping process the top of your nails will feel rough and a little uneven – don’t worry! Take the filing block and file/buff each nail until even, smooth, and shaped to your preference.

Then brush on the activator polish and let dry for a 1-2 minutes. Finally, put on the top coat for a smooth and shiny finish!!

It has been so fun trying different colors. It does take a little practice, but I have been so happy with the results. When first starting out I loved the glitter dips because they are very forgiving when you have imperfections…and I just love the glitter! I hope that y ‘all love it as much as I do!

5 thoughts on “Gel Dip Powder Nails

  1. Alex Smith

    Interesting stuff Mere! Didn’t know this stuff existed. Will add it to the “ideas for the wife” list!

  2. Tricia

    My friend just told me about this powder dip, i usually get regular gel but this is a cool kit! If you want more color options for your dipped nails, you could try Color Street, real nail polish strips to apply over them.

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