Complete Arm Workout

So honestly, arm day is like my least favorite day. Upper body has always been my weakest area, but I’ve been working hard to get stronger and I’m getting there! When I have time, I will break this workout up into two workouts and add a couple more exercises to each, but wanted to share this easy, but effective complete arm workout with yall!

I know, I know, I know…Not everyone has access to gym equipment. Or maybe you travel a lot and don’t have access to weights regularly. You’re in luck…. There is a $23 set of resistance bands on Amazon that can be used ANYWHERE. Comes complete with a door anchor and everything else you need. No more excuses. 🙂

This workout includes 3 groups of 2 exercises that you will do 4 sets each of before moving to the next group.

Group 1 – Bench Press & Pull-ups

  • Bench Press – no need to explain this one if you are using weights. For the resistance bands, you will tether the band behind you a mimic the bench press motion while standing. It can be done standing straight up, but if you lean forward and keep your core engaged, you’re core will get a pretty good workout as well!
  • Pull-ups – Again, no need to explain a pull-up..and let’s be honest, I can only do 1 (which is progress) so I use the bands anyway. With the bands, you will tether the band somewhere overhead. Most likely, you won’t have something high enough so you can either kneel or lunge – just try to keep a straight line from the point the band is tethered at. Then mimic the pull-up motion by pulling the handles of the bands to your shoulders. I do bench press then pull ups then repeat for a total of 4 sets of each.

Group 2 – Skull Crusher & Pec Fly

  • Skull crushers begin laying down on your back holding a weight over your chest, move the weight up over you head and drop over the top of the bench. Gosh, that’s weird to explain. Picture below – Guys that are reading this, go on and roll your eyes. LoL. For the band, tether behind you about eye level, hold with your arms bent over your head then pull down keeping your arms bent at 90 degrees. Again, see pictures!
  • Pec Fly – lay down on the bench with weight straight up, lower the weights to the side until parallel with with the ground then bring back up. With the bands, tether behind you about shoulder level. Start with your arms straight out to the side and pull in so that they are straight in front of you.

Bicep Curls and Lat Raises

  • Bicep Curls I think the weight versions probably doesn’t need an explanation! With the bands, stand on the band with both feet adjusting to get the right amount of tension then do a curl!
  • Lat Raise – hold the weights down to your side, and raise out to the side keeping your shoulders down. For the bands – same as the bicep curl. Stand on the band adjusting to get enough tension and do the motion just as you would with a weight.

That’s it! My arms are still shaking as I type this from doing this workout this morning! If you are new to these types of exercises, you may have to play with the weight/bands to figure out where you stand, but that’s ok!

Please note: I am not a trainer or a doctor. I am simply sharing what I have found to be effective for me. Please use your best judgement when trying new types of exercises and stop and/or see a Dr. if you feel something is not right.

2 thoughts on “Complete Arm Workout

  1. Beth

    Thanks Mere! I just surgery on my knee. I don’t have a gym and I love that you post what affordable products to get it done! I just ordered the nail kit. Mine are horrible and my goal is to learn how to do my own. Keep it up!

  2. Kaylin

    Mere, thank you so much for posting this! No I’m serious. I bought bands off Amazon ohhhh I’d say a few months ago now and legit never used them yet. I occasionally looked for something to follow but just haven’t found the right thing to follow….until now! The places my body desperately needs help with are my upper body and hips, the right hip to be exact. So if you’re thinking of adding to your blog on this topic I’d really really really appreciate a band workout for the hips and whatever else that entail. You’re the best! Thanks!! 🇨🇦🥰

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