Hyatt Regency Hill Country Recap

Happy Monday Y’all! Last week, Matt was super busy with several people in town for collabs, so I decided to check out with the kids for a few days and headed to one of our favorite spots in the Hill Country – the Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and Spa. Matt tends to travel a lot and every once in a while when he is away, we will go spend a couple days there…It’s become a special little place for us to get some sweet, relaxing time together – Just me and the kids and we LOVE IT. Forgive me for the lack of pictures…I was just soaking up our time there and enjoying the kids then got home and realized that I had a very limited selection of photos for this post!

Since I have only ever been to this resort with me flying solo with 3 kids, I can’t really speak to the Golf Course or Spa, but the family friendly atmosphere of this resort is incredible. I mean just the fact that I keep going back, just me and 3 young kids has to be a testament to that, right?! We usually spend the mornings riding bikes, participating in the daily craft they have for the kids and enjoying the playground and games they have set up. Yall – Their grounds are beautiful. Covered by big beautiful oak trees that provide so much shade and so much of that Texas Hill Country feel.

After a couple hours of playing, its water park time! Their water park setup is so great for kids of all ages. The waterslide is tame enough for little ones, but also 100 percent still entertains my almost 9 year old for hours! The beach entry to the lazy river is one of our favorite spots. You can lounge and order food and drinks right there, the kids can play in the shallow water and sand and we can grab tubes and make a trip around the resort in the lazy river when we need to cool off. Again, there is plenty of shade on the beach and the river so even in the middle of a Texas summer you can spend the day outside without feel like you’re overheating and being miserable.

Once everyone is good and worn out from an afternoon in the water, we head inside to rest a little, get cleaned up and grab dinner at one of their restaurants. This time, we were surprised by some visitors in the lobby – they had a group come in with some animals and Adalyn got to pet a SLOTH! So cool. The kids LOVE their buffet (kids pay their age, so it doesn’t get too pricey) and this time they had some delicious prime rib. After dinner, it’s time for s’mores and a movie on the lawn! I love that everything for both s’mores and the movie on the lawn is provided at no additional cost. They have the fire pits all set up and staff out there to load kids up with marshmallow and help make their s’more once they’re done roasting. It’s such a relaxing atmosphere with the plenty of benches, rocking chair and hammocks and the playground and bikes are right there for the kids too. The movie on the lawn is one of my favorite parts of the day (and I think the kids’ too)… just such a fun family activity that I know my kids will remember for ages.

We had the best little get away and I seriously can’t say enough good things about the Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort. There is a lot to keep the kids entertained, but not so much that it’s overwhelming and exhausting. We always come home feeling relaxed and refreshed! If you are wanting a quick getaway or are coming to San Antonio area and looking for things to do/places to stay, I highly recommend it!!

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  1. Len

    These tips are great! Hoping to plan a family trip to Texas soon and it’s good to see and hear about family friendly places to stay. Our 5yo daughter loves to watch Off the Ranch with us, and as a Mama myself, I’m excited for your blog! Congratulations!!

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