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Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. – Galatians 6:2

The last 3 weeks have been the most trying weeks of our entire lives.

The loss of Jake is something that we are going to feel for a very long time. He was such a huge part of our lives and was such a light to so many people around him. His wife is also one of my closest friends and watching someone you love go through so much hurt and pain without really being able to do anything about it is just… HARD.

As many of you know, Matt’s brother, Mark, has spent the last year battling a super rare form of cancer. Just a few weeks before Jake’s accident, he got news that it’s taken yet another turn for the worst – the cancer is now in his chest and jaw and no conventional forms of treatment are really helping so they’ve moved him on to clinical trials. Jake was also a close friend to Mark, so he and his wife, Jaci are trying to navigate this loss while also trying to navigate their own struggles…and again – watching the people you love go through so much hurt and pain without really being able to do anything about it is just… HARD.


While the last 3 weeks have been filled with pain, sadness, fear, anger, and questioning a lot of things that we were never meant to understand while still on this side of Heaven. We have HOPE. In the midst of all this struggle, GOD keeps showing up.. reminding us that He is present and He is good. He’s in the perfectly timed phone calls from a friend calling to check on us, He’s in the songs that speak straight to your heart when you need it most and He’s in a community of people that have come together to take care of each other. Many of you…people that we don’t even really know have been the hands and feet of Jesus through your prayers for Jake’s family, Mark’s family and our family, through your sweet comments and messages of encouragement and through your willingness to give financially to help lighten the load both through the GoFundMe account for Jake’s family and through t-shirt sales in support of Mark. There is no amount of money that could ever take away the pain of loosing Jake or the pain of watching Mark fight this battle with cancer – but all of your generosity in both cases has helped to ease the fear of what the future holds has allowed time to be spent focusing on family and healing. We have seen Galatians 6:2 lived out so well in our local community and from people all over the world and that brings HOPE. So THANK YOU, from the bottom of our hearts for being Jesus’s light in what can be such a dark world.

So from here we are going to keep pushing forward and holding each other up as we go. Jake was always such a source of encouragement in all the things I have ventured out into recently – the blog, Instagram, creating my own line of shirts, the athletic line… so even though some days it seems trivial and pointless given everything else that’s going on in life right now, I’m going to keep moving foward and I’m going to find the joy and the good in it all – just the way he would have!

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