Hyatt Regency Hill Country Recap

Happy Monday Y’all! Last week, Matt was super busy with several people in town for collabs, so I decided to check out with the kids for a few days and headed to one of our favorite spots in the Hill Country – the Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and Spa. Matt tends to travel a lot and every once in a while when he is away, we will go spend a couple days there…It’s become a special little place for us to get some sweet, relaxing time together – Just me and the kids and we LOVE IT. Forgive me for the lack of pictures…I was just soaking up our time there and enjoying the kids then got home and realized that I had a very limited selection of photos for this post!

Since I have only ever been to this resort with me flying solo with 3 kids, I can’t really speak to the Golf Course or Spa, but the family friendly atmosphere of this resort is incredible. I mean just the fact that I keep going back, just me and 3 young kids has to be a testament to that, right?! We usually spend the mornings riding bikes, participating in the daily craft they have for the kids and enjoying the playground and games they have set up. Yall – Their grounds are beautiful. Covered by big beautiful oak trees that provide so much shade and so much of that Texas Hill Country feel.

After a couple hours of playing, its water park time! Their water park setup is so great for kids of all ages. The waterslide is tame enough for little ones, but also 100 percent still entertains my almost 9 year old for hours! The beach entry to the lazy river is one of our favorite spots. You can lounge and order food and drinks right there, the kids can play in the shallow water and sand and we can grab tubes and make a trip around the resort in the lazy river when we need to cool off. Again, there is plenty of shade on the beach and the river so even in the middle of a Texas summer you can spend the day outside without feel like you’re overheating and being miserable.

Once everyone is good and worn out from an afternoon in the water, we head inside to rest a little, get cleaned up and grab dinner at one of their restaurants. This time, we were surprised by some visitors in the lobby – they had a group come in with some animals and Adalyn got to pet a SLOTH! So cool. The kids LOVE their buffet (kids pay their age, so it doesn’t get too pricey) and this time they had some delicious prime rib. After dinner, it’s time for s’mores and a movie on the lawn! I love that everything for both s’mores and the movie on the lawn is provided at no additional cost. They have the fire pits all set up and staff out there to load kids up with marshmallow and help make their s’more once they’re done roasting. It’s such a relaxing atmosphere with the plenty of benches, rocking chair and hammocks and the playground and bikes are right there for the kids too. The movie on the lawn is one of my favorite parts of the day (and I think the kids’ too)… just such a fun family activity that I know my kids will remember for ages.

We had the best little get away and I seriously can’t say enough good things about the Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort. There is a lot to keep the kids entertained, but not so much that it’s overwhelming and exhausting. We always come home feeling relaxed and refreshed! If you are wanting a quick getaway or are coming to San Antonio area and looking for things to do/places to stay, I highly recommend it!!

Making Travel with Kids Fun!

Summer is well on its way in Texas – Thank you, Jesus. Which means all of those fun family vacations are here AND, for us, making all of our work travels a family affair!  In these past few years we have gotten the opportunity to travel quite a bit, both just Matt and I, and also with our kids.  I love absolutely love getting to travel with our kids, but lets be honest… it definitely is not always easy!  Those 3AM wake up calls for an early morning flight, racing through the airport to make a connection, figuring how to pack ALLL the things while still keeping your bag under 50lbs to avoid having to spend your life savings on baggage fees – all of these things get a lot harder when you add 3 little people to the mix.  Over the years we have discovered a few tricks to help make things run a little smoother, so I thought I’d share them with you guys!

Let’s start with PACKING. No matter how hard I try, my suitcase is always a disaster… I’m terrible at planning what to wear ahead of time, so I basically just pack everything I own.  My husband loves it.  BUT, on the flip side, I am suppperrr OCD when it comes to packing for my kids.  We pick and organize outfits for each day for them. My girls still love matching each other, which works out in my favor BIG TIME! After we have decided on each outfit, I fold each one up and slip it into a gallon sized ziplock with a pair of socks and underwear. I press all the air out and line them up in their suitcases (standing up so that the kids can see all of them at once)!  This is such an easy way to keep everything super organized, saves space AND keeps them from destroying their suitcases as soon as we get to our destination. This iFly suitcase from WalMart is my FAV. Comes in several sizes and lots of colors. They are a steal pricewise and have held up so well for us!

Having 5 people (and 5 suitcases) in a hotel room can sometimes be a little tight and I am not a fan of clutter and HATE stuff just being thrown on the floor to be walked on.  I throw pop-up laundry hamper and trashbag into one of the suitcases to be used while we are away.  When the kids take off their dirty clothes, they go into the hamper (instead of into a suitcase full of clean clothes).  At the end of the trip, I consolidate all of their clean stuff into one suitcase and put the dirty clothes into the trashbag and shove into one of the empty suitcases. That way, clean clothes and dirty clothes are separated, the dirty suitcase can go straight to the laundry room when we get home and the kids know what is clean and can be put back into their closets!

Next up is ENTERTAINMENT. The task of keeping kids still and quiet-ish on a plane for a long period of time can be tough!  In my opinion, planning is key. When I know we are going to be on a longer flight, I head right on over to the dollar section at Target or the Dollar store and pick up a few cheap games, puzzles and coloring books that they haven’t seen yet. I sneak these into their backpacks so that when we get on the plane they have a couple of new things to do or play with.  On early morning flights Matt and I stick to a rule that they can’t take anything out of their backpacks except for blankets and stuffed animals for the first 30/45 minutes of the flight.  I’d say about 80% of the time, they end up falling asleep during that time, which helps in passing the time AND helps get through the rest of the day after getting up really early.  And lastly – We do try to limit the amount of screen time that they have, but I won’t try to pretend that we don’t do electronics.  This past Christmas we got them the Kid’s Kindle Fire from Amazon and they are AWESOME, especially for the price!  We are talking less than $100/ea if you buy a 2 pack.  They can play games, watch movies, and we have even been able to download some of the apps that they use at school.  I can control what is on it/what they can see – for instance, they aren’t able to just surf the internet or download any app.  All of that is blocked out and they are only able to see/use apps that I download and share with them. One of the coolest things is that I am able to set time limits so that they automatically lock at certain times (ours are locked between 8pm and 8am) and after they have spent a certain amount of time on it each day – so I don’t have to be the bad guy everyday telling them its time to turn it off. 

I could go on and on with “tips and tricks” i have picked up over the years, but I definitely don’t have all of the answers! Honestly, I think I just kind of got lucky with some pretty awesome kids that make traveling pretty fun and easy, and for that I am SO thankful!  What are some of yalls favorite traveling with kids hacks?!

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Leg Day

Happy Thursday Y’all! It’s been a busy week trying to make it to the end of the school year and getting ready to head out for a little family get away. But even when things get busy, Matt and I try to live by the little moto “Do something today (even a small something) to make tomorrow a little better.” This doesn’t always mean something to do with working out, but today it was for me! I knew it was going to be a busy day, so I set my alarm 45 min early so I could make sure to get in a quick workout before getting on the road this afternoon. It’s only a small step, but I’ll be stronger tomorrow for it. This little moto can be applied to SO many areas of your life – spending a little extra time in prayer, taking a little extra time to make your spouse feel special, meal prepping or planning your meals for the next day, reading an extra book with your kids… you get the point! The best part is that you never regret it!

Anyway – back to LEG DAY! This is the workout that I did this morning and my legs are still feel a little like jello! This set is the same format as the Complete Arm Workout – 2 groups of 2 exercises, 4 sets each. And I’ve included alternatives to weights for each exercise using resistance bands and a stability ball – No Excuses! I warm up with some body weight squats and lunges, then time to get busy!

Group 1 – Squats and Calf Raises

  • Squats – Front Squats or Back Squats, whatever floats your boat! I am definitely not a professional, so I don’t want to attempt to give instruction on these, but there are TONS of resources out there that give all the details on how to do a correct squat! When using the resistance bands, stand on the band and pull handles to about shoulder height. You should be in about the same position as if you were holding the bar on your back. Proceed with squat just as you would with weights!
  • Calf Raises – These don’t need much explanation! Don’t be afraid to go a little heavier on these! Resistance Bands – same procedure as squats. Stand on band (under your toes), pull handles up to shoulder height and do calf raises just like you would with weights!

Group 2 – Quad Extensions & Hamstring Curls

  • Quad Extensions – If you have an attachment for your bench to do these and hamstring curls, great! If not, no worries! With the bands, sit on a bench or chair or whatever works best. Wrap the band around something behind you – I used the bench. Put your feet through the handles and do the quad extensions one leg at a time. You can adjust the tension by wrapping the band more or tethering it further behind you!
  • Hamstring Curls – Again, if you have a bench and attachment, great! If not no worries! You can get a killer hamstring workout with a stability ball! Lay on your back with your feet on the ball. With straight legs, push your hips toward the ceiling so that your body is in a straight line from feet to shoulders. Now, pull the ball in toward you, keeping straight line from your knees to shoulders. Roll back out, then repeat! It’s important to keep your hips pushed up here – and bonus! It’s a pretty awesome core workout too!

That’s it yall! Be sure to stretch when you’re done! I hope y’all are enjoying these workouts – let me know what you think and tag me on IG if you try them! Love seeing y’alls pictures and hearing your thoughts! Have a great weekend!!

Please note: I am not a trainer or a doctor. I am simply sharing what I have found to be effective for me. Please use your best judgement when trying new types of exercises and stop and/or see a Dr. if you feel something is not right.

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Spring Amazon Roundup

If you follow my Instagram, you know I love me some Amazon and let me tell you, I have not been disappointed this spring. Matt just rolls his eyes every time another package gets dropped at the front door… but when it’s all so cute and such good prices, I just can’t resist! Here are my favorite finds from the spring… Everything is linked in the Shop the Post Section at the bottom!

These joggers!! I first bought them in green and LOVED them and when I linked them through IG/LiketoKnow.It you guys went crazy for them! They are so comfortable and cute that I really wanted them in the pink, but they didn’t have my size. BUT, I found them in a slightly different version in pink and they are equally as awesome. These are great for a day of running errands or a travel day or pretty much any day! Under $30 – can’t beat them.

Date night anyone?! I love stuff with an open back and well, you know how I feel about rompers… This romper is perfect for a night out. I love the cutout detailing down the front and around the waist. It comes in several colors and is $23… WHAT?! And paired with these $35 heels… yes please!

I know – I know, these look miserably uncomfortable, right?? Yall – I was so shocked at how comfortable they actually are! I hardly ever wear heels so when I do, they have to be comfortable or I won’t make it. These are so surprisingly cushy it’s crazy!

Next up – This tank and shorts combo! I searched long and hard for some black denim shorts and found these for $25! I ordered a medium worried that they would be tiny and the mediums work, but I definitely should have gone with the small – so stick to your regular size. They have the perfect amount of stretch and come in several washes. Also love this button down top – super light and I love the length that you can tuck or tie in the front. It also comes in a variety of colors. Neither of these items were Prime and took a couple weeks to come in, but both were worth the wait!

A couple weeks ago, I posted a black jumpsuit on IG/LiketoKnow.It that you guys went crazy over. This little romper came from the same Amazon listing – just short and a crewneck instead of off the shoulder. Every bit as cute and comfortable! The romper also comes in the off the shoulder option and tons of color options for the romper AND the jumpsuit! Such as easy wear for the summer!

Love this tie front, button down tank! And my necklaces are amazon too!! Love the daintiness of the choker and pendant combo.

This top is another option under the same listing as the tank above and I love it too! super flowy and comfortable for the summer!

Andddd Lastly a few swimsuits!

All of these are CupShe through Amazon. I love CupShe super trendy, but also super affordable and I love being able to try on a swimsuit at home and send back if it doesn’t work! I also love these Tom’s slides that I picked up for super cheap. Perfect for the pool and the beach! And my hat is on Amazon too!

Well, that’s a wrap ya’ll! One thing to keep in mind when shopping on Amazon is that sometime you don’t REALLY know what you’re going to get. I have for sure ordered stuff that was just no good. BUT, when it ships right to your door and they make returns soo easy and (usually) free… Nothing to lose! Check out Shop the Post below for links to allll the things!

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Treadmill Workout Pt. 2

Happy Wednesday Y’all! You guys seemed to love the 30 minute treadmill workout so, I’m throwing another cardio type workout at ya today. I’ve done this on both on the treadmill and outside, just need a watch or something to keep time with!

Before we get going – I’ve gotten tons of questions about the watch I use. I have a Garmin Fenix 5S, which is a GREAT multi-sport watch. It can track all your running, biking and swimming stats (even lap swimming in a pool). I LOVE IT. However, there are some other options that are less expensive and will track all of the running stats you could ever need. The Garmin Forerunner 235 and the Vivoactive are both great options for runners. I love how the Vivoactive is a cute everyday watch too!

Now onto the good stuff….

  • 5 minute warm up – This is a jog for me, but can definitely be a walk if need be just start getting your legs going!

Round 1

  • 3 min RUN – time to pick up the pace to something that feels slightly less than comfortable. The first round may be a little slower as you continue to warm up!
  • 1 min JOG – drop back down to about the pace you were warming up with. This should be an active recovery, slowing your heart rate down, but still moving!
  • 1 min WALKING LUNGE – get ready for the BURN!

Round 2

  • 3 min RUN
  • 1 min WALK
  • 1 min WALKING SIDE SQUAT (left)

Round 3

  • 3 min RUN
  • 1 min JOG
  • 1 min WALKING SIDE SQUAT (right)

Repeat Rounds 1-3 but continue to alternate the 1 min jog and 1 min walk. So the WALK/JOG portion of the next 3 rounds will be 1 min WALK, 1 min JOG & 1 min WALK. This will make a total of 6 rounds making it a 35 min workout!

As always, Please note: I am not a trainer or a doctor. I am simply sharing what I enjoy and have found to be effective for me. Always take things at your own pace and please use your best judgement when trying new types of exercises. Stop and/or see a Dr. if you feel something is not right.

Hope you guys enjoy this one! Be sure to message me or tag me in your photos to let me know what you think! Love hearing yalls feedback!

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Abercrombie & Fitch Spring Round-up

I like girls that wear Abercrombie & Fitch

I’d take her if I had one wish

But she’s been gone

Since that Summer

Since that Summer

Why do I hear this song in my head EVERYTIME I hear the words Abercrombie & Fitch?! Takes me back to middle school everytime. And I know, I know, a lot of you probably haven’t shopped at Abercrombie since about the time that song came out! But y’all! I have found some of the cutest stuff in there this spring and now I’m as obsessed as I was in middle school! Here’s a round up of my favs. Everything is linked in the bar at the bottom of this post!

For starters – This button down tank – so stinking cute. I love a V-neck and the mint stripes are perfect for summer. The straps are adjustable, which I always appreciate.

Now lets talk about the shorts… y’all, I have a really hard time finding shorts. Your girl has some hips and thighs and there just aren’t a lot of shorts that are made that don’t hug your legs if you have anything more than sticks. I set out to find some shorts for the summer that weren’t thigh hugging and I hit the jackpot at Abercrombie. There were lots of options, but I’m a sucker for some good distressed denim. These are “low rise” but they aren’t the low rise of 15 years ago that barely covered anything. They sit comfortably on my hips and have plenty of booty coverage!

Next up is this romper. To say I’m obsessed with rompers is an understatement – I can’t get enough. This one has the perfect flowy material and the smocked waist is so cute and flattering! It comes in a stripe too and I’m so tempted to order it!

OVERALLS!! How fun are these?! And totally not the same as a romper, right?! 🙂 Love these for a day at the park with the kids, a trip to the river or as a cute swimsuit cover up! Really loving that overalls are making a comeback!

This shirt is SO soft and comfortable and I love the tie front. It comes in lots of different colors! These shorts are just like the first pair…I mayyy have bought them in several colors because they are that awesome. The white with the embroidered pockets are sold out, but linking a white pair that are the same just without the embroidery!

And lastly… One of my favorite things is to pair something pretty and classy – like a lace trimmed satin tank – with some distressed denim. Kinda classy, a little grungy.. Just my style. This tank comes in several colors as well and I’m loving the black and the blush that I picked up! Again – the shorts are the same. 😉 I will link a cute high waisted pair for the girls that prefer that style!

I’m super excited about rediscovering Abercrombie after all this time. Do y’all have stores that you haven’t stopped at in YEARS then all the sudden hit the jackpot in cute finds?!

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Curly Hair Tips

SOOOO many questions about my hair recently so I’m going to try to answer them here the best I can! But first off, I am giving away a $100 Sephora Gift Card just to thank you guys for your support as I have started up this whole blog thing! To enter the giveaway, follow me on Instagram and the app (mere_carriker on both) and tag a girlfriend that you think may enjoy following along!

Ok, back to it! I have curly hair…so to all of the people asking what I did to my hair recently, the answer is…nothing! For SOOO many years I have dried it straight and put a little curl in it with a flat iron to give it some body (which I will also do a post on someday). A couple of months ago, my friend, Mel, introduced me to a product for curly hair and I LOVE IT. Since then I’ve just been embracing the ease of letting my hair do it’s thing.

The DevaCurl Wave Maker is a light weight, non-crunchy cream that provides texture and volume to your waves while helping to control the frizz that most of us curly headed girls hate so much. I literally cannot say enough good things about this product. It enhances the natural wave/curl of my hair without feeling like there is a bunch of junk in it, smells SO good and is 100% sulfate, paraben and silicone free. I have a whole list of more DevaCurl products that I want to try because this one is the BOMB.

SO – After Shampooing/Conditioning with the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Shampoo and Conditioner, I towel dry it, scrunching it in the towel and not rubbing at all. I love this shampoo and conditioner – my hair feels cleaner longer and it doesn’t build up in it at all!

I scrunch in the Wave Maker then I let it air dry a bit continuing to scrunch it up every so often while I throw on make up and such.

Then I pull out the blow dryer and diffuser and scrunch away until it’s dry!

I like to get a lot of volume at the roots of my hair, so I usually take a wide tooth comb and tease the top by the roots. And to finish it up, I take a wand and help out any stragglers that I have that didn’t curl just right – I have a few pieces right on top that are always difficult! When using a wand or curling iron, I always curl back away from my face and I leave the ends uncurled so that it blends in with the rest of my hair.

That’s it yall! Depending on how long I let my hair air dry, it usually takes 10-15 min from the time I start drying. If you have curly or wavy hair, I really can’t recommend the Wave Maker enough!

Don’t forget to enter the Sephora Gift Card Giveaway on my IG!!

Complete Arm Workout

So honestly, arm day is like my least favorite day. Upper body has always been my weakest area, but I’ve been working hard to get stronger and I’m getting there! When I have time, I will break this workout up into two workouts and add a couple more exercises to each, but wanted to share this easy, but effective complete arm workout with yall!

I know, I know, I know…Not everyone has access to gym equipment. Or maybe you travel a lot and don’t have access to weights regularly. You’re in luck…. There is a $23 set of resistance bands on Amazon that can be used ANYWHERE. Comes complete with a door anchor and everything else you need. No more excuses. 🙂

This workout includes 3 groups of 2 exercises that you will do 4 sets each of before moving to the next group.

Group 1 – Bench Press & Pull-ups

  • Bench Press – no need to explain this one if you are using weights. For the resistance bands, you will tether the band behind you a mimic the bench press motion while standing. It can be done standing straight up, but if you lean forward and keep your core engaged, you’re core will get a pretty good workout as well!
  • Pull-ups – Again, no need to explain a pull-up..and let’s be honest, I can only do 1 (which is progress) so I use the bands anyway. With the bands, you will tether the band somewhere overhead. Most likely, you won’t have something high enough so you can either kneel or lunge – just try to keep a straight line from the point the band is tethered at. Then mimic the pull-up motion by pulling the handles of the bands to your shoulders. I do bench press then pull ups then repeat for a total of 4 sets of each.

Group 2 – Skull Crusher & Pec Fly

  • Skull crushers begin laying down on your back holding a weight over your chest, move the weight up over you head and drop over the top of the bench. Gosh, that’s weird to explain. Picture below – Guys that are reading this, go on and roll your eyes. LoL. For the band, tether behind you about eye level, hold with your arms bent over your head then pull down keeping your arms bent at 90 degrees. Again, see pictures!
  • Pec Fly – lay down on the bench with weight straight up, lower the weights to the side until parallel with with the ground then bring back up. With the bands, tether behind you about shoulder level. Start with your arms straight out to the side and pull in so that they are straight in front of you.

Bicep Curls and Lat Raises

  • Bicep Curls I think the weight versions probably doesn’t need an explanation! With the bands, stand on the band with both feet adjusting to get the right amount of tension then do a curl!
  • Lat Raise – hold the weights down to your side, and raise out to the side keeping your shoulders down. For the bands – same as the bicep curl. Stand on the band adjusting to get enough tension and do the motion just as you would with a weight.

That’s it! My arms are still shaking as I type this from doing this workout this morning! If you are new to these types of exercises, you may have to play with the weight/bands to figure out where you stand, but that’s ok!

Please note: I am not a trainer or a doctor. I am simply sharing what I have found to be effective for me. Please use your best judgement when trying new types of exercises and stop and/or see a Dr. if you feel something is not right.

Gel Dip Powder Nails

Ok guys, let’s talk nails! Personally, I have tried a few different things and ultimately, the dip powder is my favorite. It is strong and lasts so well without damaging your nails in the way that acrylic does. Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good salon day and need a good fresh professional manicure every now and then…but life gets busy and sometimes it’s just not possible. SOOO I decided to buy a dip kit and start doing my own in between getting to the nail salon. I found a full kit on Amazon that includes everything you need for beautifully dipped nails at home! I was happily surprised that it is really not hard at all and so convenient! And another major perk- saving money!!

This set comes complete with nail prep polish, base gel/top coat, activator polish, a nail file and buffing block, and SIX colors to choose from!

If you have never gotten your nails dipped, it can seem a bit intimidating, but let me assure you, its just a few simple steps! You will start by buffing out your clean, dry nails. Then apply the nail prep polish on all nails (this is to make sure the is no excess oil on your nails before starting the dipping process).

Then it is time to start dipping! One by one, you will apply the base gel and then dip your nail into the dip powder jar and tap off the excess powder. For this white, I repeated those steps for a total of 3 coats. I like it to be opaque, but not too thick. Make sure to dip at a 45 degree angle (better view below) to ensure you get a smooth and even dip! Tilt the jar up if you need to.

After you have finished the dipping process the top of your nails will feel rough and a little uneven – don’t worry! Take the filing block and file/buff each nail until even, smooth, and shaped to your preference.

Then brush on the activator polish and let dry for a 1-2 minutes. Finally, put on the top coat for a smooth and shiny finish!!

It has been so fun trying different colors. It does take a little practice, but I have been so happy with the results. When first starting out I loved the glitter dips because they are very forgiving when you have imperfections…and I just love the glitter! I hope that y ‘all love it as much as I do!

My 30 Min Treadmill Workout

As much as I have enjoyed trying something new and getting more into lifting type workouts, I am really trying to get back into the running game too! My hamstring that I fought with for a year has finally healed completely – I think that focusing on strength training for a while helped tremendously – and running finally sounds fun again! However, I have been getting back into it a little differently that I usually do. Rather than focusing on building mileage and running forever, I am keeping my “runs” fairly short with small bursts of speed, some agility type stuff and recovery mixed in. This keeps things fun and forces me to focus on something other than my obsession with “I ran X amount of miles in X amount of time.” I especially love these types of workouts when the treadmill is my only option.

I start this workout with jogging for 5 minutes to warm up. This pace should be something that you feel like you could hold for a good bit of time. If you are new to running/working out, this may be a brisk walk for you and that is TOTALLY ok!

After my 5 min warm up, it’s time for the real workout. This is a 5 min set that I complete 5 times.

1 min RUN – This is a pace that should be pushing it – not an all out sprint, but I try to push my comfort zone. Note: a 5 min warm up isn’t really enough for me to totally warm up so I use the first round to make sure that I am warmed up before I REALLY pick up the pace. This first minute I speed up, but not all the way just yet.

1 min JOG – I use this minute as an active recovery. I slow it back down to my warm up pace, but don’t stop!

1 min SHUFFLE – 30 secs right and 30 secs left – I could not get a picture of this that looked like anything, but you can google it! The pace slows wayyy down for this. Make sure that the treadmill has slowed all the way down to a pace you are comfortable with before you start shuffling. Hold onto the arm of the treadmill if you feel unsteady. It takes a little bit to get used to!

1min WALKING LUNGE – Slow the treadmill WAY down for this one and don’t stop!

1 min BACKWARDS JOG (or walk) – I set the treadmill to the same pace as the side shuffle, but if you are uncomfortable, just walk to start out. Again – holding on to the arm of treadmill helps if you feel unsteady!

Repeat X 4 more times!

When I’m done, I always makes sure to stretch and foam roll if needed!

Please note: I am NOT a professional or a trainer. This is just a workout that I enjoy doing and feel has worked for me! If you are new to running or working out, please take things slow and always talk to your Dr. if you feel something isn’t right. 🙂

I am super excited to be running a little bit again and this type of workout is one of my favorites to make treadmill running less boring! If you try it, be sure to tag me on Instagram or in your stories and let me know what you think!